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PRO-TIME™ Digital Productivity Timer

PRO-TIME™ Digital Productivity Timer

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Use Our PRO-TIME™ Productivity Timer To Boost Your Productivity!

🤔Does staying committed to a single task seems difficult, especially when you are in the habit of juggling multiple balls at once?

If the answer is YES, setting a timer will keep you committed to a single task and doesn’t let your focus and attention dwindle. As a result, you can complete that task much faster.

PRO-TIME™ Productivity Timer will help you achieve your tasks on time!

❌Using the Timer in Your Phone/Tablet or Smart Watch - Not a Good Idea!

  • BIGGEST DISTRACTIONS: Mobile phones, Watches or Tablets are the biggest distractions in today's day and age. Emails, blabbering colleagues, social media, phone calls, notifications, browsing the web and other distractions can put you off your target. These distractions are the biggest productivity killers
  • JOYLESS EXPERIENCE: Tapping an LED touch screen on your phone or tablet with your fingertip is not the same accuracy and precision as pressing a button on a timer. In addition to it being a joyless experience
  •  LOSE FOCUS: You tend to lose focus when you receive a text, call or other incoming message when you are using the stopwatch and/or timer

✔️Why Use a Clock Timer?

👉Keeps You Committed - You can set a 40-minute timer and dedicate all that time to a single task and complete it in the best possible way. This tactic can come in handy for critical tasks that require your undivided attention.

👉Keeps Distraction at Bay - As the clock keeps ticking, you are less likely to focus on distractions and more likely to be laser-focused on the task at hand.

👉Maintain Discipline - it is important to instill discipline in your workday and setting productivity timers are a great way to do that.
If your phone rings, you will put it to silent or pick up the call and tell the caller that you have 15 minutes left to complete a task

👉Build Momentum - A timer provides a great way to channelize your energy and get it out in smaller bursts. This helps you in building momentum, which would help you in completing complex tasks quickly

👉Make Breaks Meaningful - You are exhausted and want some time off. Take a break but make sure you set timer for 20 minutes. This prevents your breaks from getting too long

Why PRO-TIME™ Productivity Timer⏲️

Set the timer with one push and one rotation.

The timer uses a precision electronic timer to avoid inaccurate time caused by repeated mechanical pressure. Features forward and reverse timing

The high-definition digital display makes the numbers clearly visible.

The silent design makes learning and work more focused.

The reminder sound comes in three different levels, making it suitable for different environments.

The Magnetic design on the back of the timer allows it to be attached to metal surfaces such as blackboards, refrigerators, tables corners and more!

The high-definition mirror case and LED round screen gives you an elegant and stylish feel.

Three AAA batteries allow it to easily complete about 1,000 timing tasks.

See How You Can Use This Timer To GET MORE DONE - Be it Personally or Professionally! 

⏲️For Presentations at Work

⏲️For Your Workouts

⏲️In Your Kitchen for Cooking

⏲️For Studying

⏲️For The POMODORO Technique

Our customers LOVE using Our PRO-TIME™ Productivity Timer to practice the POMODORO Technique - we received quite a few feedback stating this!

How To Use:

    👉Countdown setting: Turn the knob to set the desired countdown time. Rotate right to increase the value, and rotate left to decrease the value.
    👉Counting up setting: When it displays 00: 00, press the switch to start counting up

Product Details:

  • Material: ABS
  • Magnetic Installation
  • Requires 3 AAA Batteries [Not Included}



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