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Gravity-Defying Magic Spinner

Gravity-Defying Magic Spinner

Elevate Your Fun with Limitless Spinning Adventures
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  • 🚀 Defies gravity, offering endless flying tricks
  • 🔋 Rechargeable, no constant battery replacements
  • 💫 Compact and portable for fun everywhere
  • 🛡️ Safe orb design for worry-free play
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" Totally snagged this for my kiddo but ended up being hooked myself! Super fun and easy to use. Plus, the battery lasts ages. "
Nancy N.
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Rediscover Fun with Magic Spinner! 🎉

With this gravity-defying Magic Spinner, fun is literally in your hands. Its USB rechargeable feature saves you from the constant hassle of replacing batteries, while spectacular flying tricks offer boundless entertainment.

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Tired of the Same Old Toys? 😒

Ditch traditional toys and elevate playtime with our Magic Spinner. Its unique spinning and floating features provide fresh, exciting fun, making it a clear winner in any gift scenario.

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Looking for an Easy-to-Carry Fun Companion? 🏞️

No need to look further! Small enough to fit your palm, Magic Spinner is your go-to companion, be it for the kitchen, backyard, beach or park.

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🛸Take it with you anywhere (anytime)

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand - play with the Flying Spinner whenever you feel the itch arise (whether that's in the kitchen, backyard, at the beach, or at the park!).

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A Perfect Gift For This Holiday Season

We understand the challenge of finding a unique gift for your family and friends, but don't worry, we've got you covered. Our drone spinner makes for a truly special gift that is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face.

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  • Dorothy D.

    "This thing is crazy addictive! Floating, gliding, climbing - it does it all flawlessly. Can't put it down! 🤩"

  • Karen K.

    "Brilliant gift! Easy to charge and safe to play with. My son's totally in love with it and takes it everywhere."

  • Betty B.

    "Absolute value for money. Excellent quality and seriously, the way it flies is just MAGIC. Definitely getting more for gifts."

  • Patricia P.

    "Never thought I'd have this much fun with a toy. The different tricks and spins it can do are simply amazing, and it keeps the kids (and adults) entertained for hours."


Embrace gravity-defying fun! Try the Magic Spinner with our 60-day money-back guarantee now!

Take the Magic Spinner for a spin! Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. If for any reason it doesn't meet your expectations, return it within 60 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Billy Fox

The Flying Spinner is a complete game-changer in our family. It combines technology, fun, and safety seamlessly. The LED lights are a visual delight, and the tricks and stunts it can perform are simply incredible. The USB charging feature eliminates the constant need for disposable batteries, saving both money and the environment. I can confidently let my kids play with it, thanks to the safety-first design. The Captain Boomerang trick never ceases to amaze, and it's a fantastic icebreaker at gatherings. This toy has become an essential part of our outdoor adventures, and we can't imagine our outings without it.

Danial Pfannerstill

The Flying Spinner is a true marvel of modern toy technology. It has completely transformed our outdoor playtime. The LED lights make it a mesmerizing spectacle, especially in the evening. The USB charging option is a practical addition, sparing us from the constant battery run. The safety features are top-notch, giving us peace of mind as our kids play with it. The Captain Boomerang trick is pure magic, and it's a fantastic way to impress friends and family. If you're looking for a versatile, fun, and safe toy for your kids, the Flying Spinner is the perfect choice.

Deborah White

The Flying Spinner has added a new dimension to our family gatherings. It's a versatile toy that caters to all ages. The LED lights are a hit, especially during evening play. It's a fantastic conversation starter at picnics and park outings. What I appreciate the most is the safety aspect - I can let my kids play with it, knowing they're protected. The USB charging feature is convenient and budget-friendly, eliminating the hassle of buying batteries constantly. The Captain Boomerang trick is simply mind-blowing; it's like having a mini magic show in your hands. It's an all-in-one entertainment package for our family.

Clyde Hoeger

The Flying Spinner has been a game-changer in our household. It's the ultimate fusion of fun and technology. The LED lights lining the inside and outside of this spinner make it an eye-catching spectacle, especially during dusk. The best part is its versatility - it's a toy for both kids and adults. My children can't get enough of it, and it's incredible to see how they've taken to this aerodynamic marvel. The USB charging feature is a huge relief; no more hunting for disposable batteries. Safety is paramount, and this spinner ensures it. It's a must-have for any family looking to add some magic to their outdoor playtime.

Darrell Larson

The Flying Spinner has become an essential part of our family's outdoor fun. It's easy to carry, and the LED lights create a mini light show that everyone loves. Safety is a top priority, and this spinner is designed with that in mind. The USB charging option is practical and environmentally friendly. The Captain Boomerang trick is a conversation starter and never fails to impress. Whether it's picnics, park outings, or just playtime in the backyard, the Flying Spinner has made it all the more thrilling. It's a versatile, safe, and entertaining choice for families looking to add a touch of magic to their outdoor adventures.