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3-In-1 Rotary Peeler

3-In-1 Rotary Peeler

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3-In-1 Rotary Peeler perfectly combines three common scrapers in one tool to peel off all soft & hard skin veggie and shred strips!
3-in-1 rotary peeler
Excellent peeling Effect
3 in 1 peeler blades are made of High-quality stainless steel, which gives you the hardest, most durable, longest-lasting surface.

3 Blade in One Peeler
Save your space and money, 3 different blades in one peeler(standard, serrated, and julienne) collect all the types you need.

Easy and Safe to Use
Ergonomic big handle design makes your peeler be perfectly controlled by all hands, much less effort is needed to peel your foods. There are three covers to ensure that you will not be hurt when you use it, and you can keep it clean when storing it


How to Use

Step 1: Open the cover of the blade you want (The other two keep closed)

Step 2: Hold it in a position you feel comfortable

Step 3: Peel foods with proper strength and posture

Step 4: Clean it(Can be used in dishwashers) and close the covers, then store away from children

Before first-time use, please clean the peeler and pay attention to avoid direct contact with the blade edge.
Be careful when using and storing. After each use please clean and store in a safe place.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE store the peeler away from children's reach.


Three protective covers ensure the safety of use and storage. Non-slip edges are more ergonomic, and all can be washed in the dishwasher. Peeling any fruits or vegetables. Recommended for foods with a bit of hard skin (potatoes, carrots, and apples, etc.).

The standard side is great for peeling carrots or potatoes. The blade works very well, won't clog with peels, avoiding waste. You can quickly and effectively peel what you needed to peel, which saves your valuable time on food preparation.

The serrated side is great for peaches, tomatoes, other soft fruits, and vegetables. After heat treatment of the blades, the edge of the blade is sharp and durable. With the anti-cut design, use it smoothly and peel fast but safe. Awesome tool to have in your kitchen.

Julienne's side is great for solid fruits or vegetables such as carrot, zucchini, and others. Adjusting the blades is easy, and shredding a carrot into thin slices makes a salad tastier than using carrot chunks.

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