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LearnArt™ Children Projection Drawing Board

LearnArt™ Children Projection Drawing Board

Unleash Your Child's Creative Instincts, Make Drawing Fun and Easy!
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  • 🎨 Cultivates Artistic Skills
  • 📚 Encourages Early Learning
  • 💡 Enhances Cognitive Ability
  • 🌟 Ignites Imagination and Creativity
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" Got this for my niece & she's in love with it! Brings her drawings to life and keeps her entertained for hours. Best thing is that she's learning while having fun. "
Ashley A.
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Let them enjoy their art journey with this unique projection drawing board! Make your kids learn and study art the fun way! This Projection Drawing Board is designed to make learning art entertaining and exciting.

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Worried about your child's development? 😔

Let them show their creativity and imagination, help themlearn how to draw, and encourage them to improve their art skills through this innovative and educational art toy!

This art tool projectscute imagessuch as animals and cartoons that will serve as their guide into painting. With this tool, your child can expect great and amazing results, making them feel happy and want to make more! This Children Projection Drawing Board will help themengage more in different art styles.

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Want to make learning fun? 🎉

Spark your child's creativity with the Fantasy LED Projector Art Desk. It turns any drawing activity into an engaging and fun-filled experience. No more boring art times, only creativity unleashed in a whole new light!

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24 different images

This electronic projector will project 24 different images that your kids can paint along with the picture. This will help and encourage children to learn to draw, paint and trace while having fun

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  • Sandra S.

    "The LED projector is a game-changer! My son now loves to draw and color. It's fun, interactive and educational. Definitely worth buying. 😊"

  • Kimberly K.

    "I was looking for something educational and fun for my daughter and this was the perfect find! She's more into art now and it's helping her creativity a lot."

  • Nancy N.

    "Such an innovative product! My kids can follow the projections and draw with ease. Huge boost to their confidence and creativity. Definitely got my money's worth."

  • Kimberly K.

    "Great toy and learning tool. Easy to assemble and operate. My kid is having a blast with it while learning! "


Get Your Fantasy LED Projector Art Desk, Unleash their potential today!

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we're offering a Risk-Free 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Try the Fantasy LED Projector Art Desk— if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Deion Hauck

I initially purchased this Projection Drawing Board as a way to divert my child's attention from our newly painted walls. Not only did it keep our walls scribble-free, but the joy and concentration I observed in my little one while using this device were unparalleled. The range of images and ease of use make it a favorite in our home. Highly recommend for parents looking for a constructive playtime tool.

Clyde Hoeger

The Projection Drawing Board was an instant hit with my twin girls. From the Classic Pink design to the vast variety of images it projects, they were hooked from day one. I particularly appreciate the adjustable focal length feature, which ensures that the projected image is always clear. It's a seamless blend of entertainment and learning. Kudos to the designers!

Jacey Oberbrunner

As an art teacher, I'm always on the lookout for innovative tools to introduce kids to the world of art. This Drawing Board exceeded all my expectations! Not only does it foster creativity and concentration, but the intelligent design and environment-friendly material speak volumes about the thought put into this product. Every child in my class wants one now!

Katrina Emard

My son was always a bit hesitant when it came to drawing. The Projection Drawing Board changed all of that! Now, he can't wait to switch off the lights and get started on his art journey. The diverse image options cater to his ever-changing interests, and I've noticed a significant boost in his confidence and imagination.

Monty Schoen

I was searching for a unique gift for my nephew’s birthday when I came across this gem. From the Light Blue Dinosaur design to its advanced projection capabilities, it seemed perfect. After seeing him use it and the incredible drawings he’s produced, I'm convinced it was the best gift choice. The way he engages with it is a sight to behold.