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CARWELL™ Wireless LED Car Doors Logo Projector (NEW 2023 EDITION)

CARWELL™ Wireless LED Car Doors Logo Projector (NEW 2023 EDITION)

Automobile ambiance with personalized flair
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  • 🔆 Customizable ambiance: Tailor your ride's vibe with unique logos
  • 🤣 Magnetic sensor design: Hassle-free automatic light and close system
  • 😎 Effortless installation: Wireless design with 3M adhesive paste
  • 🎁 Ideal gift: For car enthusiasts and your buddies who love driving
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" Wow! These lights just rocked my car's ambiance. The logo lights are really cool and get a lot of attention from friends when they first see it. Totally worth the money. "
Paul G.
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Add a personalised light show to your ride 🚘

Experience the thrill of uniqueness with our CARWELL™ Car Door Logo Projector. Imprint your identity in light, and let every entrance and exit from your vehicle be a moment of sheer coolness.

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Intelligent Light Sensing Technology

Our intelligent light sensing technology utilizes state-of-the-art sensors and sophisticated algorithms to detect ambient light conditions and adjust the welcome projection accordingly. Say goodbye to fumbling for keys in the dark – our product provides a seamless, convenient, and safe experience.

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Elevate Your Vehicle's Entrance!

Make a lasting impression with every entrance you make, as you step into a world of sophistication and style with our cutting-edge Wireless Car Logo Door Welcome Projector.

Designed to seamlessly merge technology with automotive elegance, this remarkable device redefines the way you and your passengers experience getting in and out of your vehicle.

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Tired of run-off-the-mill car accessories? 🙄

Add a bespoke touch to your ride with our CARWELL™ Car Door Logo Projector. Choose the logo that best describes you, and let your car illuminate your personality.

  • Anthony A.

    "Love these logo lights 😍! Gave my car a custom look and was surprised how easy they were to install. Perfect gift for any car enthusiast!"

  • Christopher C.

    "Amazing quality projector lights. It was a piece of cake to install, plus it lights up instantly when I open my car door. How cool is that?"

  • David D.

    "I ordered these lights as a gift for my son. He was over the moon after installing them in his car. It's not often you find a unique gift like this."

  • Paul G.

    "The magnet sensor feature is awesome. I don't need to manually operate it. It opens up as soon as my car door opens. So, it’s both pretty and practical."


Grab your CARWELL™ Car Door Logo Projector now!

Try out the CARWELL™ Car Door Logo Projector risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee. Phenomenal driving experiences are just one purchase away!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Leland Medhurst

As a tech aficionado, I'm often skeptical about new gadgets, but this projector has won me over. The wireless design, combined with durable construction, makes it both aesthetically pleasing and reliable. Every time I step out of my car, I'm reminded of this excellent purchase.

Curtis Predovic

Having been an automotive enthusiast for over two decades, I've seen my fair share of gadgets and add-ons. The Wireless Car Logo Door Welcome Projector, however, stands out as a testament to how far we've come in merging tech with vehicles. Not only does it give my car a futuristic appeal, but the sharpness and clarity of the projection have left me and many of my friends in sheer amazement.

Brent Collier

When I first came across this projector, I was intrigued by its versatility. True to its description, I've found uses for it beyond my car doors. It serves as an impressive welcome light for my garage, giving it an upscale ambiance. The projector truly elevates any space it's installed in.

Katrina Emard

I was initially drawn to the Wireless Car Logo Door Welcome Projector due to its unique concept. Having used it for a couple of months now, I can confidently say that it surpasses all expectations. The wireless feature ensures a neat look, and the customizable projection lets me showcase my style.

Salvatore Pacocha

I recently decided to give my vehicle a bit of a makeover, and this projector became the highlight of that endeavor. From its sleek design to the ultra-bright LED illumination, every aspect screams premium quality. I especially appreciate the customizable logo option, which lets me infuse a personal touch.