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Stylish 'Hoodie Shift' Car Knob Cover (Set of 2 Pcs)

Stylish 'Hoodie Shift' Car Knob Cover (Set of 2 Pcs)

Revamp your car's look with a trendy, practical, and low-maintenance knob cover
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  • ✨ Transforms dull gear knob into a chic accessory
  • 🔧 Versatile fit for multiple vehicle models
  • 🧽 Easy to clean – toss in with regular laundry
  • 🎗️ Customizable – adjust the hoodie cord for a snug fit
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" Wow, this is such a cool car accessory! Easy to put on and it's been a real conversation starter. Can't recommend enough! "
David D.
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🔥 Bring 'Runway' Style into Your Vehicle!

Why settle for the bland, uninspiring gear shift of old? The Hoodie Shift Car Knob Cover adds a trendy touch to your car's interior while being as functional as it is fashionable.

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🙌 Tired of the Same Old Car Interiors?

Traditional car interiors can become monotonous. Mix it up with the Hoodie Shift! This attractive addition adds flair to your gear knob and makes every drive a fresh, enjoyable experience.

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😥 Worried About Tough Installation or Cleaning?

No need to fret about complex installations or tricky cleaning. The Hoodie Shift Car Knob Cover can be put on and taken off with ease and thrown into your regular laundry without worry.

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Durable and Universal

But it's not just about looks - the Shifter Knob Hoodie Cover serves a practical purpose as well. Made from cotton, this cover is designed to keep your gear shift knob warm on chilly days.

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  • Matthew M.

    "Cool stuff!! Totally changed the vibe of my old SUV's interior. It's a breeze to clean too 🧼."

  • Thomas T.

    "Amazing! The Hoodie Shift slid on like a glove. People keep asking me where I got it. It's so cool and unique!"

  • James J.

    "This product is awesome. Added some much-needed life to my car. Cleaning it is easy peasy."

  • Charles C.

    "A+ product. My car feels so much more 'me' now! And the cleaning part is no hassle at all."


Try the Stylish 'Hoodie Shift' Car Knob Cover – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Try the 'Hoodie Shift' Car Knob Cover for 60 days, and if it doesn't revamp your driving experience as you expected, we'll happily refund your money.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Deion Hauck

I recently added this gear shift hoodie cover to my car, and it’s been a game-changer. Not only does it add a quirky touch to the interior, but the fabric genuinely keeps my hand comfortable during extreme temperatures. It's a brilliant fusion of design and functionality, and I can't recommend it enough for those who spend significant time on the road.

Clyde Hoeger

Purchasing this shift knob cover has been one of the best decisions for my vehicle. The craftsmanship is evident in its quality, and the hoodie design is a fun touch that never fails to grab attention. Plus, it serves its purpose perfectly, providing a barrier against hot or cold knobs, making my morning drives much more comfortable.

Jacey Oberbrunner

I'm thoroughly impressed with the functionality of this product. Initially, I thought it was just a quirky item, but after using it for weeks, I realize how much comfort it brings during extreme weathers. It's easy to clean, fits snugly, and has become an essential part of my driving routine.

Katrina Emard

The first thing that struck me about this product was its unique design, but over time, I've come to appreciate its practicality even more. No more touching freezing cold or scalding hot gear knobs! It's a simple solution to a common problem, and I'm surprised more people aren't talking about it.

Monty Schoen

The attention to detail on this gear shift hoodie cover is impeccable. It adds a personalized touch to my car's interior, and the material feels premium. It's not just about looks, though. I've noticed a significant difference in the shift knob's temperature, especially during peak summer days.