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Ponytail Hair Extension

Ponytail Hair Extension

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Wrap-on Hair Extension Ponytail -

Love to wear a long ponytail, yet dealing with short hairs? No worries now, our Ponytail Hair Extension will go perfect with your hairs giving it length and volume both. Going for a date night, Christmas party, school event, club? You can style your hairs into a think and long ponytail like a pro with our Ponytail Hair Extension. It will look so natural and voguish.

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Pros of Ponytail Hair Extension

  • Hook & loop attached hair extension, easy wear within 2 minutes!
  • Small clips help to fixed your wear, help the Ponytail Hair Extension stay right on your head.
  • Made of high-temperature wire, which looks natural and heat resistant.

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  • A high ponytail, medium ponytail, low ponytail, straight ponytail, curly ponytail. suitable for all hairdo.
  • Ponytail Hair Extension will g