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Fab Chill Signal™ Device

Fab Chill Signal™ Device

Experience the latest in relaxation technology and drift into deep, rejuvenating sleep with the touch of a button.
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  • 🧠 Calms your mind quickly
  • 😴 Promotes restful sleep
  • 👀 Easy-to-read LED display
  • 🔋 Long-lasting battery life
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" Didn't know what to expect, but wow! First night using it and I slept through the night. No tossing around, just pure bliss. It's like my mind knew it was time to relax! "
Matthew M.
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Tossing and turning at night? Can't shut down your brain? 🌙

We've all been there - lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, thoughts racing, sleep nowhere in sight. Introducing Fab Chill Signal™ Device, your personal relaxation revolution. Designed to help your busy brain unwind, this device utilizes cutting-edge technology to emit soothing signals, encouraging a calm state of mind and facilitating the tranquil environment your brain craves for sleep.

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Effortless Operation for Immediate Tranquility 🎛️

When you're ready for rest, you shouldn't have to struggle with complicated gadgets. That's where the Fab Chill Signal™ Device comes in. Featuring an intuitive LED display and simple controls, you can start your journey to dreamland with just a press of a button. It's like having a sleep switch for your brain!

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Say goodbye to groggy mornings and hello to energy! ⏰

Forget those sleepless nights that leave you feeling like a zombie at work. The Fab Chill Signal™ Device is engineered to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, so you wake up feeling refreshed and full of life. It's not just a sleep device; it's an investment in your everyday well-being.

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Why  Fab Chill Signal™ ?

Advanced Technology - Microcurrent stimulates neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex to improve your mood and status, so as to promote your sleep. It stimulates acupoints, heightens the sense of relaxation, helps you release stress, and enables you to sleep peacefully.

Conditions the relaxation response of the vagus nerve, the brain-gut regulator of the nervous system

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It's Hard to Believe but just by HOLDING the Fab Chill Signal™ -- You can calm down quickly or fall asleep, This breakthrough method is known as pressure point stimulation -- basically telling your Central Nervous System to relax. This is 100% safe and natural…

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USB Charging

Convenient and can be connected to USB ports, and other computer charging methods, with long battery life.

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Two operating modes

Low-frequency decompression mode and high-frequency inspiring mode. Press the power button to adjust the mode, and press +/-to to increase or decrease the intensity. Please fully charge the device after you receive it before put into use.

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Enjoy the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation therapy without the discomfort of medical devices that send electric currents into the body

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  • Richard R.

    "Love this gadget! 😍 In just a few mins, I'm out cold. Sleep quality has def improved. It's my must-have for good zzz's!"

  • James J.

    "I was skeptical, but honestly, this SootheMind thing works. Used to lie awake with anxiety, now I tap the button and next thing, it's morning. Plus, my focus during the day is so much better!"

  • David D.

    "Game changer! Lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly, effective. Worth every penny for the peace of mind and restful sleep I'm getting now."

  • James J.

    "Finally, a non-medicated way to doze off fast and stay asleep. Truly a dream come true!"


Get the sleep you've been dreaming of with Fab Chill Signal™ Device, now with a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Rest assured with our 60-day money-back guarantee. Try the Fab Chill Signal™ Device tonight and if you don't sleep more soundly, we'll refund your purchase. Say hello to better sleep!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 638 reviews
Lucile Brakus

I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since last few years and sometimes it gets really difficult for me to manage it. I started using this device and it really helped me calm down instantly. I keep this device with me all the time. I sleep better too and It gives me peace of mind. Simply love it! Thank you


I use this device all the time. I am always scared and in panic but this device help me reduce my anxiety and makes me feel calm. A must have device for your mental health.


This device really helps with my panic attacks. I used to get weird panic attacks when i used to sit in any rollercoaster or any ride but with this massager i. Can control myself way better and it helps me calm down.

lori smits

Absolutely magical. Before i could not sleep for hours but with this device i can sleep in minutes. I have little bit of science background and i can understand the reason behind it. Basically this device sends EMS Micro pulses and that is the trick. Whatever the reason be , i can have great sleep without any anxiety or panics.

Billie Gregory

This machine is the biggest stress reliever for me. I keep it with me all the time on my bag. It helps me manage my anxiety. Love it. Thanks