JARBAGS - Premium Reusable Mason Jar Bags


Reusable Mason Jar Bags

  • Saves A Lot of Space: The best alternative to those old containers. Keep single-use plastic bags and those heavy, bulky glass jars away to replace them with JARBAGS™

  • Fresh Food For a Longer Time: JARBAGS™ helps keep food fresh for longer and prevents decontamination. Features an air-tight seal that maintains the freshness and completely isolates your food from the internal and external airflow, extending its shelf life

  • Food Safe & Durable: Tasteless, non-toxic, 100% recyclable and BPA-FREE.

  • FDA Approved: Certified as safe for contact with food and liquids by the FDA.

  • All in One Bag: Features a unique and useful design enough to stash all the different foods that you use to keep that nutrition and diversity on a level.

"Awesome bags! my wife and I love it. We pack our kids lunch in these bags for school and use some to store our leftovers. Yes, the food stays fresh for longer. Also, my kitchen cabinets are so well organized with these JARBAGS™"

Users are Calling JARBAGS a Lifesaver for Kitchen!

Using JARBAGS, you can save a lot of space in the kitchen, keep food items organized and fresh for longer!

12 Minutes of Plastic Use = 500 Years of Decomposition

JARBAGS eliminates the need to purchase plastic bags or cling wrap, saving you money and plastic waste from our oceans and wildlife. Now you can contribute and help the battle against plastic pollution!

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee


What sizes do these JARBAGS™ come in?

JARBAGS™ comes in a variety of sizes from 150ml to 1L to fit all your needs.

These Mason Jar Bags are available in 3 options:

Pack of 10

This contains the following volume of Bags: 3 X 1000ML, 4 X 500ML, 3 X 150ML

Pack of 12

This contains the following volume of Bags: 3 X 1000ML, 4 X 500ML, 4 X 150ML and 1 X 500ML Long Bottle Jar

Pack of 15 + 5 FREE

6 X 1000ML, 6 X 500ML, 6 X 150ML and 2 X 500ML Long Bottle Jar

Are these dishwasher safe?

Yes, these are absolutely dishwasher safe. They can be washed in the dishwasher or even manually.

Can I use these in the microwave?

Yes, JARBAGS™ are designed to be microwave safe.

Are these reusable?

Yes! These are reusable. They are 100% recyclable and BPA-FREE

What do I do if I have any issues with my order?

For any issues regarding your order, simply email us at support@diyosworld.com. Our support team will resolve any issue as soon as possible. Also, we do offer exchange or return.

Are these just like regular Ziploc bags?

These JARBAGS™ are very different from the regular Ziploc bags available. These are made using a sturdy material unlike thin plastic used in Ziploc bags, which is why this bag conveniently replaces a Jar. JARBAGS eliminates the need to purchase plastic bags or cling wrap, saving you money and plastic waste from our oceans and wildlife

Are these safe?

Are these safe?

Can these be used to store liquids?

Yes, you can absolutely store liquids. Quite a few our customers use it to store soups.

Can these bags stand on its own?

Yes! It features a flat base that allows these bags to stand on its own without any support.

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100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

See How Our Customers Reacted..

  • Anne

    5 days ago

" Very happy with these jarbags.

flat base and it can stand on its own, Keeps my refrigerator organized and uses very less space, very happy with the purchase"

  • Maxima

    6 days ago

" These Mason Jar Bags are Gamechangers!

The best part of this Mason Jar Bag is you can write on them, I write used by date and other stuff so i do not have to remember anything. And it looks cool and saves lot of space. Everything is perfect about this product. Keeps my kitchen drawers tidy. Game changer!!"

  • John

    10 days ago

" Durable with great finish

Super! Durable bags of different sizes, pattern as in the photo, bright, clear"

  • Jessica

    3 days ago

" Amazing! will be buying more..

This is an excellent product that is exactly as described. I will be buying many more of these for myself and for gifts for friends and family. Thanks DIYOS WORLD store for such an amazing product!"



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